Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 45: Banks and Financial Institutions

Chapter 2: Banking Institutions

Part 1: General Provisions
Part 2: Organization of Banks
Part 2: Private Trust Companies
Part 2: Organization of Banks
Part 3: Stockholders
Part 4: Directors and Officers
Part 5: Membership in Federal Reserve Banks
Part 6: General Powers of Banks
Part 7: Deposits in Banks
Part 8: Deposit Insurance
Part 9: Safe Deposit and Safekeeping
Part 10: Fiduciary Powers
Part 11: Loans
Part 12: Foreign Institutions Investing in Loans [Repealed.]
Part 13: Voluntary Corporate Changes
Part 14: Bank Holding CompaniesBank Structure Act of 1974
Part 15: Liquidation, Dissolution, and Reorganization
Part 16: Examination and Reports
Part 17: Prohibited Acts
Part 18: Investment and Security Powers
Part 19: Credit Card State Banks
Part 20: Private Trust Companies