Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 45: Banks and Financial Institutions

Chapter 17: Deferred Presentment Services

TCA 45-17-115: Violations -- Cease and desist orders -- Penalties.

If, after notice and opportunity for a hearing, the commissioner finds that a person has violated this chapter, or any administrative regulation issued pursuant thereto, the commissioner may:

     (1)  Order the person to cease and desist violating the chapter or any administrative rules issued pursuant thereto;

     (2)  Require the refund of any fees collected by the person in violation of this chapter; and/or

     (3)  Order the person to pay to the commissioner a civil penalty of not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000) for each transaction in violation of this chapter or each day that a violation has occurred and continues.

History: [Acts 1997, ch. 255, § 16; 1999, ch. 14, § 1; 2001, ch. 165, § 21.]