Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 47: Commercial Instruments and Transactions

Chapter 1: Uniform Commercial Code General Provisions
Chapter 2: Sales
Chapter 2A: Leases
Chapter 3: Negotiable Instruments
Chapter 4: Bank Deposits and Collections
Chapter 4A: Funds Transfers
Chapter 5: Letters of Credit
Chapter 6: Bulk Transfers [Repealed]
Chapter 7: Uniform Commercial Code Documents of Title
Chapter 8: Investment Securities
Chapter 9: Secured Transactions
Chapter 10: Uniform Electronic Transactions
Chapter 11: Retail Installment Sales
Chapter 12: Discharge of Sureties
Chapter 13: Assignments for Benefit of Creditors
Chapter 14: Interest Rates Generally
Chapter 15: Interest on Home Loans
Chapter 16: Home Solicitation Sales Or Leases [TRANSFERRED]
Chapter 17: Equal Consumer Credit [TRANSFERRED]
Chapter 18: Consumer Protection
Chapter 19: Repurchase Of Terminated Franchise Inventory [TRANSFERRED]
Chapter 20: Invention Development [TRANSFERRED]
Chapter 21: Unsolicited Merchandise [TRANSFERRED]
Chapter 22: Credit Cards
Chapter 23: Duties of Mortgagee or Lender
Chapter 24: Equity Participations
Chapter 25: Trade Practices
Chapter 26: Weights and Measures
Chapter 27: Disposition of Dies, Molds, and Forms
Chapter 28: Open-End Mortgages and Mortgages Securing Future Advances
Chapter 29: Collection of Bad Checks
Chapter 30: Home Equity Conversion Mortgages
Chapter 31: Tobacco Manufacturers' Escrow Fund
Chapter 32: Residential Closing Funds Distribution Act of 2005
Chapter 50: Miscellaneous Provisions