Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 49: Education

Chapter 1: State Administration

Part 3: State Board of Education

49-01-0301: Composition -- Chair -- Meetings.
49-01-0302: Powers and duties of board -- Confidentiality of records -- Standards, policies, recommendations and actions subject to appropriations -- Duty-free teacher time -- Confidentiality and integrity of statewide tests -- Ungraded and unstructured classes -- Limits on local costs of special education -- Recruitment, employment and retention of African-American teachers -- Uniform clothing -- Railroad crossing safety -- Standards of care and other educational endeavors.
49-01-0303: Lease of land to fraternities and sororities.
49-01-0304: Acquisition of federal surplus property.
49-01-0305: Executive director -- Staff.
49-01-0306: Goals.
49-01-0307: Review of policies concerning employees or contractors recommending psychotropic drugs.
49-01-0308: Pilot program on enhanced accessibility of advanced placement and career and technical certification courses.
49-01-0309: No educational standards to be imposed by federal government -- Adoption of state educational standards -- Joining testing consortium -- Use of collected data.
49-01-0311: Appointment of standards review and development committees and advisory teams -- Web site for public comment -- Recommendations.
49-01-0312: Standards recommendation committee -- English language arts and mathematics -- Confirmation of appointments.
49-01-0313: Standards recommendation committee -- Science and social studies.
49-01-0314: Responsibility of LEAs in developing instructional programs under state standards.
49-01-0315: Program for recognition of 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporations for purpose of assisting LEAs through selection and appointment of volunteers. [Effective January 1, 2017.]