Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 49: Education

Chapter 5: Personnel

Part 1: Qualifications Generally
Part 2: Teachers' Rights and Duties Generally
Part 3: Rights and Duties of Other Personnel Generally
Part 4: Employment and Assignment of Personnel
Part 5: Teachers' Tenure
Part 6: Education Professional Negotiations Act
Part 7: State Leave Plan
Part 8: Tennessee Teachers' Sick Leave Bank Act
Part 9: Teachers' Local Retirement Systems
Part 10: Teacher Code of Ethics
Part 50: General Provisions
Part 51: Certification and Evaluation [Repealed]
Part 52: Career Ladder for Teachers
Part 53: Career Ladder for Principals
Part 54: Career Ladder for Assistant Principals
Part 55: Career Ladder for Supervisors
Part 56: Teacher Training
Part 57: Principal-Administrator Academy