Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 49: Education

Chapter 6: Elementary and Secondary Education

Part 1: Preschools
Part 2: Kindergarten
Part 3: Elementary and Middle Schools Generally
Part 4: Junior and Senior High Schools Generally
Part 5: Night Schools
Part 6: Summer School
Part 7: After School Educational Programs
Part 8: Schools Against Violence in Education (SAVE) Act.
Part 9: Report Cards
Part 10: Curriculum Generally
Part 11: Elementary SchoolsCurriculum [Repealed]
Part 11: STEM Education
Part 12: Elementary and Secondary Education
Part 12: Junior and Senior High SchoolsCurriculum
Part 13: Family Life Curriculum
Part 14: Children at Risk for Obesity
Part 15: Civic Education [Obsolete]
Part 15: Students Charged with or Convicted of Violent Felonies
Part 16: Child Abuse or Child Sexual Abuse on School Grounds
Part 17: Financial Literacy Program Act of 2010
Part 18: Religious Viewpoints Antidiscrimination Act
Part 19: Suicide Prevention
Part 20: School Property
Part 21: Transportation
Part 22: Textbooks
Part 23: Tennessee School Nutrition Standards Act
Part 24: Tennessee Community Schools Act
Part 29: Tennessee Student Religious Liberty Act of 1997
Part 30: Attendance
Part 31: Assignment of Students Generally
Part 32: Challenges to Student Assignments
Part 33: Enforcement Powers of Education Department
Part 34: Suspension of Students
Part 35: Class Size Reduction
Part 40: Behavior and Discipline Codes
Part 41: School Discipline Act
Part 42: School Security Act of 1981
Part 43: Reporting Student Offenses
Part 44: Special School Districts School Discipline
Part 45: Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying and Cyber-Bullying.
Part 50: Immunization of School Children
Part 51: Student Identification
Part 60: Proficiency Testing
Part 61: Behavioral And Emotional Disorders
Part 70: Parent Educational Participation Act
Part 80: Tennessee School Employee Religious Liberty Act of 1999
Part 81: Neighborhood School Program [Obsolete]
Part 82: Demonstration Project for Distance Learning [Obsolete]
Part 83: Move On When Ready Act
Part 1800: Religious Viewpoints Antidiscrimination Act