Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 49: Education

Chapter 6: Elementary and Secondary Education

Part 40: Behavior and Discipline Codes

TCA 49-6-4013: Code contents.

(a) Each code shall contain the type of behavior expected from each student, the consequences of failure to obey the standards, and the importance of the standards to the maintenance of a safe learning environment where orderly learning is possible and encouraged. Each code shall address the topics of language used by students, respect for all school employees, fighting, threats, weapons on school property or at school functions, damage to the property or person of others, misuse or destruction of school property, drug or alcohol abuse, the sale or distribution of drugs or alcohol, student conduct on school property, conduct in classes and on school buses and other subjects that the local governing body chooses to include.

(b) Each code shall state that a teacher, principal, school employee or school bus driver may use reasonable force in compliance with § 49-6-4107.

History: Acts 1996, ch. 988, § 4; 2012, ch. 687, §§ 2, 6.