Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 49: Education

Chapter 7: Postsecondary and Higher Education Generally

Part 2: Tennessee Higher Education Commission

TCA 49-7-205: Staff.

(a) (1) The governor shall appoint an executive director.

(2) The executive director shall serve at the pleasure of the governor.

(3) The governor may define the executive director's duties and, within budgetary limitations, fix the executive director's compensation.

(4) The executive director must have the educational preparation and experience that qualifies the executive director, in the governor's judgment, to understand and evaluate the problems and needs of the state's institutions of higher learning and to direct the studies of the commission.

(b) Within budgetary limitations, and subject to the approval of the commissioner of human resources, the executive director may employ other professional and staff employees necessary to efficiently discharge the duties of the agency.

(c) The executive director and all other employees shall be reimbursed for travel expenses in accordance with the comprehensive travel regulations promulgated by the department of finance and administration and approved by the attorney general and reporter.

(d) [Deleted by 2013 amendment, effective April 29, 2013.]

History: Acts 1967, ch. 179, § 6; 1968, ch. 565, § 1; 1976, ch. 806, § 1(77); T.C.A., §§ 49-4206, 49-4210; Acts 2012, ch. 986, § 20; 2013, ch. 296, § 27.