Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 49: Education

Chapter 11: Vocational and Technical Education

Part 2: Tennessee Council for Career and Technical Education

TCA 49-11-203: Funding -- Compensation -- Staff.

(a) Funds necessary to accomplish the mandates of federal legislation affecting career and technical education shall be provided from either federal or state funds, or both, through appropriation by the general assembly.

(b) Members of the council shall be entitled to receive per diem at the rate of fifty dollars ($50.00) per day for each day engaged in carrying out their responsibilities under this part, if funds are available.

(c) Members of the council are entitled to reimbursement for all actual reasonable and necessary expenses incurred for meals and lodging while attending to the official business of the council and mileage for attending council meetings and conducting other business of the council. Funds appropriated for the work of the council may be used to pay for meals of the members of the council and other persons authorized by the council to participate in meetings that assist the council to fulfill its obligations under state and federal legislation. The council is authorized to disburse funds for out-of-state travel as prescribed by state law.

(d) (1) In carrying out the purpose of the council, the governor may appoint an executive director to support the administrative functions of the council.

(2) The executive director serves at the pleasure of the governor.

(3) The governor shall set the salary for the executive director.

(4) The executive director is authorized to obtain the services of professional, technical and clerical personnel necessary to carry out the council's functions under this part and to contract for services necessary for the council to carry out its evaluation functions.

(5) The expenditure of funds paid pursuant to subdivision (d)(4) is to be determined solely by the state council, and these funds may not be diverted or reprogrammed for any other purpose by any state board, agency, or individual. The council is administratively attached to the department of education to receive funds pursuant to either federal or state law and to act as its fiscal agent for purposes of disbursement, accounting and auditing.

History: Acts 1980, ch. 791, § 3; T.C.A., § 49-27-203; Acts 1985, ch. 129, § 3; 1994, ch. 763, § 3; 2006, ch. 1016, § 4; 2012, ch. 986, § 22.