Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 50: Employer and Employee

Chapter 3: Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1972

Part 9: Miscellaneous Administrative and Enforcement Provisions

50-03-0901: Delegation of powers and duties by the commissioner.
50-03-0902: Delegation of power of inspection.
50-03-0903: Limitation on delegation of powers.
50-03-0904: Educational programs authorized.
50-03-0905: Duties of attorney general and reporter and district attorneys general.
50-03-0906: State departments and agencies -- Responsibilities.
50-03-0907: Annual report of state department and agency programs.
50-03-0908: Violations by state departments or agencies -- Notice.
50-03-0909: Conditions or practices by state departments or agencies endangering health -- Abatement.
50-03-0910: Local governments' duty to employees -- Treatment as private employer.
50-03-0911: Inspection and enforcement of local government programs.
50-03-0912: Report of failure of government programs.
50-03-0913: Local governments as private employers -- Enforcement not affected by notice to develop own program.
50-03-0914: Trade secrets confidential.
50-03-0915: Compliance with chapter -- Relation of chapter to other laws.
50-03-0916: Minimizing report burden.
50-03-0917: Cooperation with federal government.
50-03-0918: Hazardous condition -- Action by commissioner -- Emergency stop orders.
50-03-0919: [Repealed.]
50-03-0920: No regulation and enforcement of changes in federal regulations relating to child labor performed on farms.