Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 54: Highways, Bridges and Ferries

Chapter 1: Department of Transportation
Chapter 2: State Highway Funds
Chapter 3: Tennessee Tollway Act
Chapter 4: State Funds for Local Aid
Chapter 5: State Highways
Chapter 6: Rural Roads [Repealed and Transferred]
Chapter 7: Tennessee County Uniform Highway Law
Chapter 8: County Highway Commissions
Chapter 9: County Highway Bonds
Chapter 10: Establishment of Public Roads
Chapter 11: Public Fords, Ferries, and Bridges
Chapter 12: Road Improvement Districts
Chapter 13: Private and Local Improvements
Chapter 14: Private Roads
Chapter 15: Tennessee Tollway Authority [Repealed]
Chapter 16: Controlled-Access Facilities
Chapter 17: Scenic Roadways
Chapter 18: Highway Planning
Chapter 19: Plans For Street And Highway Systems [Transferred]
Chapter 20: Junkyards and Automobile Graveyards
Chapter 21: Billboard Regulation and Control Act of 1972
Chapter 22: Rights-of-Way