Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 54: Highways, Bridges and Ferries

Chapter 7: Tennessee County Uniform Highway Law

Part 2: Prohibited ActsPenalties

TCA 54-7-203: Personal financial interest prohibited -- Penalties.

(a) Neither the chief administrative officer, county highway commissioner, member of the county governing body nor any employee of the county road department shall be financially interested in or have any personal interest, either directly or indirectly, in the purchase of any supplies, machinery, materials, equipment or contractual services for the department or system of roads for the county, nor in any firm, corporation, partnership, association or individual selling or furnishing the machinery, equipment, supplies and materials.

(b) A violation of this section constitutes official misconduct and is a Class C misdemeanor and is grounds for removal from office.

History: Acts 1974, ch. 738, § 15; T.C.A., § 54-1016; Acts 1980, ch. 682, § 1; 1989, ch. 591, § 113; 2012, ch. 640, § 3.