Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 55: Motor and Other Vehicles

Chapter 1: Motor Vehicle Title and Registration Law--Definitions
Chapter 2: Administration By Department Of Revenue
Chapter 3: Certificates of Title
Chapter 4: Registration and Licensing of Motor Vehicles
Chapter 5: Anti-Theft Provisions
Chapter 6: Fees and Duties of Officers under Title and Registration Law -- Disposition of Funds
Chapter 7: Size, Weight and Load
Chapter 8: Operation of Vehicles-Rules of the Road
Chapter 9: EquipmentLighting Regulations
Chapter 10: Accidents, Arrests, Crimes and Penalties
Chapter 11: Size, Weight And Load
Chapter 12: Financial Responsibility Law
Chapter 13: Financing Sale of Motor Vehicles
Chapter 14: Dealers in Secondhand Automobile Tires and Accessories
Chapter 15: Sale of Motor Fuel Regulated
Chapter 16: Unclaimed or Abandoned Vehicles
Chapter 17: Vehicle Licenses
Chapter 18: Automobile Clubs and Associations
Chapter 19: Commercial Driver Training Schools
Chapter 20: Highway Safety
Chapter 21: Disabled Drivers and Passengers
Chapter 22: Automobile Race Tracks and Drag Strips
Chapter 23: Motor Vehicle Storage Act
Chapter 24: Motor Vehicle Warranties
Chapter 25: Uniform Motor Vehicle Records Disclosure Act
Chapter 26: Pedal Carriages and Rickshaws
Chapter 27: Funds held in Trust by Dealers, Distributors and Manufacturers
Chapter 50: Uniform Classified and Commercial Driver License Act
Chapter 51: Motorcycle Rider Education and Safety
Chapter 52: Safety of Children
Chapter 53: Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Devices