Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 55: Motor and Other Vehicles

Chapter 5: Anti-Theft Provisions

Part 1: Violations of Title and Registration Law

TCA 55-5-128: Seized or repossessed motor vehicles -- Notice to sheriff.

(a)  (1)  If a motor vehicle is seized or repossessed in Tennessee, the sheriff of the county in which the seizure or repossession occurred shall be notified immediately of the action taken; provided, that if the seizure or repossession occurred in a county having a metropolitan form of government, notification shall be made to the metropolitan police department. The notice shall contain the name and address of the owner and a description of the vehicle, including the make, model and serial number.

     (2)  Failure to notify as provided in this section, errors of fact in notification or notification to an incorrect jurisdiction shall not be construed to be grounds to defeat and/or cancel an otherwise permissible seizure and/or repossession.

(b)  The notice requirements of this section shall not apply if the owner voluntarily surrenders the vehicle for repossession.

History: [Acts 1989, ch. 406, § 1.]