Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 55: Motor and Other Vehicles

Chapter 10: Accidents, Arrests, Crimes and Penalties

Part 3: Penalties and Procedure

TCA 55-10-312: Registration prima facie evidence of ownership and that operation was for owner's benefit -- Exception for dealers' loaner vehicles.

(a) Proof of the registration of the motor-propelled vehicle in the name of any person shall be prima facie evidence of ownership of the motor propelled vehicle by the person in whose name the vehicle is registered; and the proof of registration shall likewise be prima facie evidence that the vehicle was then and there being operated by the owner or by the owner's servant for the owner's use and benefit and within the course and scope of the servant's employment.

(b) Subsection (a) shall not apply to any automobile dealer who provides a customer a loaner vehicle without charge while the customer's vehicle is being serviced or repaired by the dealer. The dealer shall not be vicariously liable under any vicarious liability theory, to any person injured as the result of an accident caused in whole or in part by a customer driving a loaner vehicle provided by the dealer where the dealer was provided with proof of insurance by the customer prior to the customer being provided with the loaner vehicle.

History: Acts 1921, ch. 162, § 2; 1923, ch. 59; Shan. Supp., § 3079a198b2; mod. Code 1932, § 2702; T.C.A. (orig. ed.), § 59-1038; Acts 2012, ch. 884, § 2.