Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 55: Motor and Other Vehicles

Chapter 10: Accidents, Arrests, Crimes and Penalties

Part 4: Alcohol and Drug Related Offenses

55-10-0401: Driving under the influence prohibited -- Alcohol concentration in blood or breath.
55-10-0402: Penalty for violations of SC 55-10-401 -- Alternative facilities for incarceration -- Public service work -- Monitoring -- Inpatient alcohol and drug treatment.
55-10-0403: Fines for violations of SC 55-10-401 -- Restitution.
55-10-0404: Driving prohibitions; restricted licenses -- revocation and suspension -- commercial licenses and vehicles.
55-10-0405: Prior convictions -- Driving record as evidence.
55-10-0406: Tests for alcohol or drug content of blood -- Implied consent -- Administration -- Immunity from liability -- Refusal to submit to test -- Mandatory testing -- Admissibility.
55-10-0407: Penalty for violations of SC 55-10-406.
55-10-0408: Tests for alcohol or drug content of blood -- Procurement and processing of samples -- Results -- Additional testing.
55-10-0409: Restricted driver license -- Ignition interlock device -- Geographic restrictions.
55-10-0410: Probation conditions -- Access to inmates by alcohol and drug treatment organizations.
55-10-0411: Presumption of impairment -- Notice of penalties for additional offenses -- Allegation of prior convictions -- Mandatory service of minimum sentence -- No defense that person is lawful user of substance -- Strip searches -- Jurisdiction of general sessions court -- Part definitions.
55-10-0412: Disposition of fines -- Collection of increased fines -- County fund -- Disposition of fund.
55-10-0413: Additional fees -- Ignition interlock fee -- Alcohol and drug addiction treatment fee -- Blood alcohol concentration test (BAT) fee -- Blood alcohol or drug concentration test (BADT) fee -- TBI toxicology unit intoxicant testing fund.
55-10-0414: Seizure and forfeiture of vehicles.
55-10-0415: Underage driving while impaired -- Penalties.
55-10-0416: Open container law.
55-10-0417: Ignition interlock devices.
55-10-0418: Maximum allowable fees -- Reports by ignition interlock providers -- Report by TBI to judiciary committees on offense of driving under the influence -- Report by department of safety to judiciary committees on number of offenders who have had ignition interlock devices installed.
55-10-0419: Interlock assistance fund -- Responsibility for costs to comply with ignition interlock requirements -- Indigency.
55-10-0420: [Repealed.]
55-10-0421: Adult driving while impaired.
55-10-0422: Program development fee required for applicants for restricted license for vehicle with ignition interlock device.
55-10-0423: Confidentiality of information about interlock program participant.
55-10-0424: [Reserved.]
55-10-0425: Compliance-based removal of ignition interlock device.
55-10-0451: [Transferred.]
55-10-0452: [Transferred.]
55-10-0453: [Transferred.]
55-10-0454: [Transferred.]