Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 55: Motor and Other Vehicles

Chapter 12: Financial Responsibility Law

55-12-0101: Short title.
55-12-0102: Chapter definitions.
55-12-0103: Administration -- Enforcement -- Rules and regulations -- Appeals -- Judicial review.
55-12-0104: Report of accident required -- Suspension of registration or operating privileges for failure to report -- Restoration -- Access to information.
55-12-0105: Security deposit following accident -- Acceptable proof of financial security -- Revocation of registration or operating privileges for failure to deposit security -- Notice -- Appeal.
55-12-0106: Exceptions to requirement of security and revocation -- Additional acceptable proof of financial security.
55-12-0107: Minimum requirements of insurance policy or bond for security -- Acceptable proof of existence of insurance or bond.
55-12-0108: Duration of suspension or revocation for failure to report accident or deposit security -- Restoration -- Determination of fault inadmissible in court of law.
55-12-0109: Report of suspension or revocation of nonresident's operating privileges -- Revocation or suspension of resident's registration and operating privileges for accidents in other states -- Restoration.
55-12-0110: Proof of damages sustained -- Determination of amount of financial security required.
55-12-0111: Self-insurers.
55-12-0112: Custody of security -- Payment of judgments -- Return of deposit.
55-12-0113: "Conviction" defined.
55-12-0114: Suspension of all registrations upon suspension or revocation of license -- Exception upon filing proof of financial responsibility -- Release -- Compliance by Tennessee resident moving to or returning from another state.
55-12-0115: Suspension of sentence for failure to comply with financial responsibility law.
55-12-0116: Duration of suspension or revocation under § 55-12-114 -- Restoration.
55-12-0117: Duration of nonresident's suspension or revocation for failure to file proof of financial responsibility following conviction -- Restoration.
55-12-0118: Proof of financial responsibility required on final judgment -- Suspension or revocation for failure to file proof -- Restoration.
55-12-0119: Proof of financial responsibility with respect to a motor vehicle or a person not the owner of the vehicle.
55-12-0120: Certificate of insurance as proof of financial responsibility.
55-12-0121: Certificate of insurance by nonresident as proof of financial responsibility -- Agreement to accept service of process on commissioner.
55-12-0122: Motor vehicle liability policy -- Contents.
55-12-0123: Notice of cancellation or termination of certified policy.
55-12-0124: Other auto liability policies not affected.
55-12-0125: Cancellation of bond or policy -- Return of deposit.
55-12-0126: Minimum duration of proof requirement -- Suspension of license or registration for premature cancellation or termination of proof -- Hearing -- Restoration of license or registration.
55-12-0127: Surrender of license or registration upon revocation, suspension or cancellation -- Enforcement officers -- Violations -- Penalties.
55-12-0128: Matters not to be evidence in civil suits.
55-12-0129: Fees for reinstatement of license and registration -- Installment payment plans.
55-12-0130: Approval of reregistration after revocation -- Transfer of registration to avoid law prohibited -- Violations -- Penalties.
55-12-0131: Driving while license cancelled, suspended, or revoked -- Penalties.
55-12-0132: Employer filing proof of financial responsibility for employee -- Limited license -- Fee -- Examination.
55-12-0133: Substitution of proof.
55-12-0134: Additional proof required -- Suspension or revocation of license or registration pending filing of additional proof.
55-12-0135: False statements -- Perjury -- Violations of chapter -- Penalties -- Suspension of license.
55-12-0136: The Tennessee automobile insurance plan.
55-12-0137: Duty of insurance company to file written proof of insurance when required -- Civil penalty for violation.
55-12-0138: Certification of understanding of and compliance with financial responsibility law.
55-12-0139: Compliance with financial responsibility law required -- Evidence of compliance -- Issuance of citations by police service technicians. [Effective until January 1, 2016. See the version effective on January 1, 2016.]
55-12-0140: Renewal of vehicle registration.
55-12-0141: Automobile insurance coverage for driver while logged on to transportation network company's digital network or while engaged in prearranged ride.

Title 55: Motor and Other Vehicles

Chapter 12: Financial Responsibility

Part 2: Insurance Verification Program ("James Lee Atwood Jr. Law") [Effective on January 1, 2016]