Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 56: Insurance

Chapter 1: Department of Commerce and Insurance
Chapter 2: Insurance Companies
Chapter 3: Operation of Insurance Companies
Chapter 4: Fees and Taxes
Chapter 5: Rates and Rating Organizations
Chapter 6: Agents, Solicitors and Administrators
Chapter 7: Policies and Policyholders
Chapter 8: Unfair Competition and Unfair or Deceptive Practices
Chapter 9: Insurers Rehabilitation and Liquidation Act
Chapter 10: Merger, Consolidation and Exchange of Stock
Chapter 11: Insurance Holding Company System Act of 1986
Chapter 12: Insurance Guaranty Associations
Chapter 13: Revised Tennessee Captive Insurance Act
Chapter 14: Surplus Lines Insurance
Chapter 15: Fidelity and Bonding Companies
Chapter 16: Exchange or Reciprocal Insurance Act of 1990
Chapter 17: Professional Liability Reciprocal Insurance [Repealed]
Chapter 18: Mutual Life Insurance Companies
Chapter 19: Mutual Insurance Companies Other Than Life
Chapter 20: Mutual or Assessment Fire Insurance Companies
Chapter 21: State Mutual Fire Insurance Companies
Chapter 22: Tennessee County Mutual Insurance Company Act of 2006
Chapter 23: State Stock Fire Insurance Companies
Chapter 24: Insolvent Domestic Corporations
Chapter 25: Fraternal Benefit Societies
Chapter 26: Accident and Sickness Insurance
Chapter 27: Medical Service Plan Law, 1945
Chapter 28: Hospital Service Corporations
Chapter 29: Hospital and Medical Service Corporations
Chapter 30: Dental Service Plan Law, 1961
Chapter 31: Vision Service Plan Law
Chapter 32: Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1986
Chapter 34: Burial Insurance [Repealed or Obsolete]
Chapter 35: Title Insurance Law
Chapter 36: Standard Nonforfeiture Law for Individual Deferred Annuities
Chapter 37: Premium Finance Company Act of 1980
Chapter 38: Amusement Ride and Attraction Safety Insurance Act of 1984 [Repealed]
Chapter 39: Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool [Transferred or Repealed]
Chapter 40: Indemnified Employee Welfare Benefit Plans
Chapter 41: Joint Underwriting/Risk Sharing
Chapter 42: Long-Term Care Insurance Act
Chapter 43: Tennessee Legal Insurance Act
Chapter 44: Filings with National Association of Insurance Commissioners
Chapter 45: Risk Retention Groups and Purchasing Groups
Chapter 46: Risk-Based Capital for Insurers Act
Chapter 47: Workers' Compensation Fraud Act
Chapter 48: Provider-Sponsored Organization Act of 1998
Chapter 49: Tennessee Creditor-Placed Insurance Act of 1999
Chapter 50: Tennessee Viatical Settlement Act of 2009
Chapter 51: Tennessee Prepaid Limited Health Service Organization Act of 2000
Chapter 52: Tennessee Charitable Gift Annuity Act of 2008
Chapter 53: Insurance Fraud
Chapter 54: Tennessee Health Care Liability Reporting Act
Chapter 55: Tennessee Vehicle Protection Product Act
Chapter 56: Professional Employer Organization Benefit and Welfare Plan
Chapter 57: Volunteer RX
Chapter 58: Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact Act of 2007
Chapter 59: Guaranteed Asset Protection Waiver Act of 2008
Chapter 60: Preferred Provider Organization Transparency Act
Chapter 61: Tennessee Health Carrier Grievance and External Review Procedure Act