Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 56: Insurance

Chapter 5: Rates and Rating Organizations

Part 3: General Provisions

TCA 56-5-320: Designated rate service organizations -- Uniform statistical plan -- Workers' compensation insurers -- Membership -- Policy forms -- Uniform classification scheme -- Uniform experience rating plan.

(a)  The commissioner may designate a rate service organization to assist in gathering, compiling and reporting relevant workers' compensation insurance statistical information. If the commissioner makes the designation, every workers' compensation insurer shall record and report its workers' compensation insurance experience to the designated rate service organization as set forth in the uniform statistical plan approved by the commissioner and if requested shall file a copy of the report with the commissioner.

(b)  Each workers' compensation insurer shall be a member of the workers' compensation insurance rate service organization. Each workers' compensation insurer shall adhere to the policy forms and rating rules filed by the designated rate service organization.

(c)  Every workers' compensation insurer shall adhere to a uniform classification system and uniform experience and retrospective rating plans that have been filed with the commissioner by the designated rate service organization and approved by the commissioner.

(d)  Subject to the approval of the commissioner, the rate service organization shall develop and file rules reasonably related to the recording and reporting of data pursuant to the uniform statistical plan, uniform experience rating plan and the uniform classification system.

(e)  For workers' compensation insurance provided in the voluntary market, no schedule rating plan shall limit its application to any risk based on premium size or eligibility for experience rating; provided, that the application for the plan to any individual risk shall not result in the premium for the risk being less than the classification minimum premium established for workers' compensation insurance.

History: [Acts 1996, ch. 944, § 40; 1997, ch. 533, §§ 15, 16; 1998, ch. 1024, § 19.]