Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 56: Insurance

Chapter 7: Policies and Policyholders

Part 1: General Provisions
Part 2: General ProvisionsLife Insurance
Part 3: Life Insurance Policies
Part 4: Standard Nonforfeiture Law
Part 5: Contingent and Mortality Contracts
Part 6: Affordable Health Insurance for the Uninsured. [Obsolete.]
Part 7: Industrial Insurance
Part 8: Fire Insurance
Part 9: Credit Life and Health Insurance
Part 10: Health and Accident Insurance
Part 11: General ProvisionsAuto Insurance
Part 12: Uninsured Motor Vehicle Coverage
Part 13: Cancellation of Auto Insurance
Part 14: Medicare Supplement Insurance
Part 15: Conversion of Group Insurance. [Transferred.]
Part 16: Easy to Read Life and Health Insurance Policy Act
Part 17: Prepaid Dental Plans
Part 18: Cancellation of Commercial Risk Insurance Act
Part 19: Cancellation of Personal Risk Insurance
Part 20: Memphis Plan Act of 1991
Part 21: Pet Insurance
Part 22: Tennessee Small Employer Group Health Coverage Reform Act
Part 23: Mandated Insurer or Plan Coverage
Part 24: Mandated Scope of Practice
Part 25: Mandated Insurer or Plan Options
Part 26: Mandated Offerings of Coverage
Part 27: Genetic Information Nondiscrimination in Health Insurance Act
Part 28: Health Insurance Portability, Availability and Renewability Act
Part 29: Access Tennessee Act of 2006 [Effective until June 30, 2015]
Part 30: Cover Tennessee Act of 2006 [Effective until June 30, 2015]
Part 31: Pharmacy Benefits Managers
Part 32: Pharmacy Benefits
Part 33: Contracts with Health Care Providers
Part 34: Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits Act