Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 56: Insurance

Chapter 54: Tennessee Health Care Liability Reporting Act

TCA 56-54-102: Legislative intent -- Use of information.

This chapter is intended to ensure the availability of health care liability claims data necessary for thorough analysis and understanding of issues associated with health care liability claims, in order to support the establishment and maintenance of sound public policy. The information submitted to the department of commerce and insurance pursuant to this section shall be used solely for the purpose of analyzing trends in health care liability claims; provided, however, that the information received pursuant to § 56-54-105 that pertains to judgments and settlements paid as to any medical physician, osteopathic physician or dentist shall be sent to the department of health, division of health related boards and § 56-54-107 shall apply to the reports.

History: Acts 2008, ch. 1009, § 3; 2012, ch. 798, § 28.