Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 62: Professions, Businesses and Trades

Chapter 1: Tennessee Accountancy Act of 1998
Chapter 2: Architects, Engineers, Landscape Architects and Interior Designers
Chapter 3: Barbers
Chapter 4: Tennessee Cosmetology Act of 1986
Chapter 5: Funeral Directors and Embalmers
Chapter 6: Contractors and Contracting
Chapter 7: Hotels and Places of Public Accommodation
Chapter 8: Ironworks
Chapter 9: Scrap Metal Dealers
Chapter 10: Laundries
Chapter 11: Locksmith Licensing Act of 2006
Chapter 13: Tennessee Real Estate Broker License Act of 1973
Chapter 16: Magazine Salespersons
Chapter 18: Land Surveyors
Chapter 19: Auctioneers
Chapter 20: Tennessee Collection Service Act
Chapter 21: Tennessee Application of Pesticides Act of 1978
Chapter 22: Antique Dealers
Chapter 25: Rental Location Agent Act of 1978
Chapter 26: Private Investigators
Chapter 27: Polygraph Examiners Act
Chapter 28: Ginseng Dealers
Chapter 29: Tax Returns and Refunds
Chapter 30: Transitory Vendors
Chapter 31: Personnel and Other Employment Services [Repealed]
Chapter 32: Fire Protection and Alarm Systems
Chapter 33: Bingo [Repealed]
Chapter 34: Electrolysis [Repealed or Transferred]
Chapter 35: Private Protective Services Licensing and Regulatory Act
Chapter 36: Geologist Licensure Act of 2007
Chapter 37: Home Improvement Contractors [Repealed]
Chapter 38: Tattoos and Body Piercing
Chapter 39: State Licensing and Certified Real Estate Appraisers Law
Chapter 40: Industrial Hygienists
Chapter 41: Tennessee Asbestos Contractor Accreditation and Regulation Act
Chapter 42: Board of Employee Assistance Professionals [Repealed]
Chapter 43: Tennessee Professional Employer Organization Act
Chapter 44: Salvage House Operators
Chapter 50: Limitations on Liability
Chapter 51: Unlawful Representations
Chapter 76: Miscellaneous Provisions