Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 62: Professions, Businesses and Trades

Chapter 11: Locksmith Licensing Act of 2006

62-11-0101: Short title.
62-11-0102: Purpose of chapter.
62-11-0103: Chapter definitions.
62-11-0104: Registration or licensing requirement -- Identification requirement -- Broad construction -- Financial institutions.
62-11-0105: Exclusions from requirements of chapter -- Transferring locksmithing tools and supplies by sale or gift.
62-11-0106: Duties of the commissioner.
62-11-0107: Register of applications.
62-11-0108: Liability insurance coverage -- Liability insurance certificates.
62-11-0109: Hearings and judicial review in contested cases -- Written charges for violations -- Suspension, nonrenewal or revocation of license.
62-11-0110: Penalties.
62-11-0111: Written application procedure and application fee -- Disclosure of ownership interest in business -- Interviews -- Photo identification card -- Expiration and renewal of license -- Penalty for late renewal.
62-11-0112: Locksmith apprentices.
62-11-0113: Locksmithing services prohibited by state agencies, counties and municipalities -- Supersession of local laws -- Local registration of businesses.
62-11-0114: Authority to set and collect fees for photo identification card.
62-11-0115: [Obsolete.]
62-11-0116: Display of license number.
62-11-0117: Listing of license in directories and advertising.
62-11-0118: Locksmiths licensed in another state or territory.