Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 63: Professions of the Healing Arts

Chapter 1: Division of Health Related Boards

Part 1: General Provisions

63-01-0101: Powers and duties.
63-01-0102: Chapter definitions.
63-01-0103: Application for licenses.
63-01-0104: Issuance of licenses.
63-01-0105: Signing of licenses.
63-01-0106: Duplicate licenses -- Change of name -- Fee.
63-01-0107: License renewals.
63-01-0108: Certificate of registration -- Change of address of registrant -- Service of process.
63-01-0109: Display of license or certificate of registration -- Terminology used in signs and written material. [Amended effective January 1, 2012. See the Compiler's Notes.]
63-01-0110: Licensees in armed forces or public health service.
63-01-0111: Retirement.
63-01-0112: License and registration fees.
63-01-0113: Disbursement of fines and penalties -- Operating expenses.
63-01-0114: Directory of licensees.
63-01-0115: Employment of administrative and enforcement personnel.
63-01-0116: Criminal background checks for health care providers.
63-01-0117: Conditions for making medical records available for inspection and copying -- No application to records statutorily privileged -- Immunity from liability -- Compelling production of medical records -- Disciplinary action -- Confidentiality of disciplinary proceedings.
63-01-0118: Certification of fitness for license in other state.
63-01-0119: Effect of chapter on other law.
63-01-0120: Denial , withholding, suspending, limiting or restricting licensure, certification, permit, or authorization or otherwise disciplining holder of license, certificate, permit, or authorization -- Disciplinary actions.
63-01-0121: Enjoining violations.
63-01-0122: [Repealed.]
63-01-0123: Penalties.
63-01-0124: Citizen member.
63-01-0125: [Transferred or repealed.]
63-01-0131: Director -- Appointment.
63-01-0132: Director -- Powers and duties.
63-01-0133: Director -- Member of agencies.
63-01-0134: Penalty for violation of statute, rule or order -- Recovery.
63-01-0135: Expenditure estimates -- Improvement recommendations.
63-01-0136: Additional powers and duties -- Assistance to impaired health practitioners.
63-01-0137: Funds -- Deposits and disbursements.
63-01-0138: Screening panels.
63-01-0139: Rules and regulations.
63-01-0140: State citizenship of all board members.
63-01-0141: Default on student loans by members of the healing arts profession.
63-01-0142: Temporary authorization to practice.
63-01-0143: Notification of vacancy -- Termination due to vacancy.
63-01-0144: Payment of costs of investigation and prosecution.
63-01-0145: Rules and regulations regarding advertisement pertaining to board certification and specialty.
63-01-0146: Rules and regulations regarding sanctions for violations.
63-01-0147: Authority to enter into arrangements for evaluating and guiding the development of the health care workforce to improve delivery of quality health care.
63-01-0148: Covenants not to compete signed by healthcare providers.
63-01-0149: Registry check.
63-01-0150: Patient safety and quality improvement.
63-01-0151: Report by practitioner to licensing board of indictment for offense involving sale or dispensing of controlled substances.
63-01-0152: Prescription, dispensation, and administration of opioid antagonists -- Immunity of certain individuals.
63-01-0153: Signage of medical spas to display name and certification status of supervising medical director or physician.
63-01-0154: Health care prescriber prohibited from dispensing an opioid or benzodiazepine -- Exceptions -- Disposition of undispensed inventory. [Effective on January 1, 2015.]