Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 63: Professions of the Healing Arts

Chapter 6: Medicine and Surgery

Part 2: General Provisions

TCA 63-6-234: Physicians serving as United States public health service commissioned officers.

A physician serving as a United States public health service commissioned officer who is trained as a national health service corps ready responder shall be authorized to practice medicine at federally qualified health centers while pursuing licensure as provided in this part under the following conditions:

(1) The physician has first filed an application for licensure as provided in this part;

(2) The physician, prior to commencing practice, submits a written statement to the board that all of the physician's medical licenses, including the authority to practice in United States public health service, are unencumbered by disciplinary actions, unresolved disciplinary complaints or unresolved health care liability lawsuits; and

(3) The physician timely complies with all board rules governing the application process and immediately ceases practicing medicine until a license is subsequently granted should the initial licensure application be closed either for failure to provide timely required information or is denied by the board.

History: Acts 2003, ch. 43, § 1; 2012, ch. 798, § 40.