Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 65: Public Utilities and Carriers

Chapter 1: Tennessee Regulatory Authority
Chapter 2: Procedure Before the Tennessee Regulatory Authority
Chapter 3: Regulation of Railroads by Department of Transportation
Chapter 4: Regulation of Public Utilities by Authority
Chapter 5: Regulation of Rates
Chapter 6: Railroads Powers Construction and Maintenance
Chapter 7: Subscription to Railroad Stock by Counties and Municipalities
Chapter 8: Purchase and Sale of Railroads
Chapter 9: Consolidation of Railroads
Chapter 10: Liens on Railroad Property
Chapter 11: Highway Crossings
Chapter 12: Operation of Railroads
Chapter 13: Duties of Railroads to Passengers [Repealed]
Chapter 14: Terminal Companies
Chapter 15: Motor Carriers
Chapter 16: Street and Interurban Railroads. [Repealed.]
Chapter 18: Incline Railroad Companies
Chapter 19: Ridesharing
Chapter 20: Miscellaneous Provisions Relating to Carriers
Chapter 21: Telegraphs and Telephones
Chapter 22: Light, Heat and Power Companies
Chapter 23: State Rural Electrification Authority
Chapter 24: Electric Membership Corporations [Repealed]
Chapter 25: Electric Cooperatives
Chapter 26: Gas Companies
Chapter 27: Water and Waterworks Companies
Chapter 28: Pipeline Corporations
Chapter 29: Telephone Cooperatives
Chapter 30: Radio Common Carriers
Chapter 31: Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act
Chapter 32: Utilities' Cut-off Procedures Act
Chapter 33: Installment Payment of Fuel Bills
Chapter 34: Geographic Territories of Electric Utility Systems
Chapter 35: Fraud, Theft or Destruction of Property
Chapter 36: Equal Powers and Authority Act
Chapter 37: Pricing & Bundling of Telecommunications Services