Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 65: Public Utilities and Carriers

Chapter 1: Tennessee Regulatory Authority

TCA 65-1-103: Meetings.

(a) The directors shall convene regular monthly meetings and shall remain in session until all business before them is disposed of, and shall hold other sessions at such times and places as may be necessary for the proper discharge of their duties. If the business of the authority does not require a monthly meeting, a majority of the directors may waive the requirement of a meeting.

(b) All decisions of the Tennessee regulatory authority pertaining to dispositions to or from any deferred revenue account shall be made in a public meeting of the authority. The attorney general and reporter and any other interested party shall be given adequate notice of the meeting and shall be given the opportunity to present oral and written testimony. As used in this section, "deferred revenue account" means any account created for the excess earnings from utilities regulated by the Tennessee regulatory authority.

History: [Acts 1995, ch. 305,  § 5; T.C.A. § 65-1-203; 2012, ch. 1070, § 2.