Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 65: Public Utilities and Carriers

Chapter 1: Tennessee Regulatory Authority

TCA 65-1-104: Quorum -- Chair and vice chair -- Panels.

(a) A majority of the directors of the Tennessee regulatory authority shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. The authority shall elect one (1) of its directors to be the chair of the authority for a two-year term and shall elect one (1) of its directors to be the vice chair of the authority for a two-year term. The vice chair shall assume the role of chair at the expiration of the chair's two-year term.

(b) The chair and vice chair of the authority may be removed by a majority vote of the disinterested directors.

(c) The chair shall have the primary responsibility of formulating the broad strategies, goals, objectives, long-range plans and policies of the authority, in conjunction with the directors. The chair shall also have the power and duty to conduct ordinary and necessary business in the name of the authority. Such duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

(1) Giving notice of, and agendas for, all meetings of the authority to all directors in advance of the meeting;

(2) Assigning matters to be heard by panels in accordance with § 65-1-104;

(3) Preparing and calling the docket items to be heard during each scheduled meeting of the authority;

(4) Keeping the official, full and correct record of all proceedings and transactions of the authority;

(5) Serving as the designated contact for all media inquiries to the authority;

(6) Ensuring that orders by the authority are issued in a timely manner and in accordance with the rules and procedures established by the executive director;

(7) Conducting a yearly performance evaluation of the executive director, which shall be submitted to the governor;

(8) Delegating duties of the chair to the vice chair; and

(9) Performing such other duties as the authority may assign or as may be required by statute, rule or regulation.

(d) The chair shall assign each matter before the authority to a panel of three (3) voting members, from among the directors. The remaining two (2) voting members of the authority, who are not assigned to a particular panel, shall not vote or deliberate regarding such matters. The authority shall establish reasonable procedures for rotating the directors for assignments to panels in an efficient manner. Such procedures shall ensure that all voting members of the authority serve on a substantially equal number of panels in a random fashion, to the extent practicable.

History: Acts 1995, ch. 305, § 5; 2002, ch. 826, § 4; T.C.A. § 65-1-204; Acts 2012, ch. 1070, §§ 3-6.