Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 65: Public Utilities and Carriers

Chapter 1: Tennessee Regulatory Authority

TCA 65-1-111: Report to general assembly.

(a) The Tennessee regulatory authority shall, on the first Monday of February each year, make a report to the general assembly and to the governor of all matters relating to its office for the preceding year, and such as will disclose the practical workings of companies under its jurisdiction in this state, along with such suggestions as it may deem proper, together with an abstract of the minutes of all of its meetings.

(b) [Deleted by 2016 amendment.]

History: Acts 1995, ch. 305, § 5; T.C.A. § 65-1-211; Acts 2012, ch. 1070, §§ 9, 10; 2016, ch. 797, § 18.