Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 66: Property

Chapter 1: Estates in Property
Chapter 2: Power to Own and Convey Property
Chapter 3: Fraudulent Conveyances and Devises
Chapter 4: Contracts to Convey Real Property
Chapter 5: Conveyances of Property
Chapter 6: Tennessee Coordinate System
Chapter 7: Leases
Chapter 8: Redemption of Real Estate Sold for Debt
Chapter 9: Easements and Restrictive Covenants
Chapter 10: Vendor's Liens
Chapter 11: Mechanics' and Materialmen's Liens
Chapter 12: Crop Liens
Chapter 13: Employees' Lien
Chapter 14: Artisans' Lien
Chapter 15: Manufacturers' and Processors' Liens
Chapter 16: Launderers', Cleaners' and Storage Liens
Chapter 17: Innkeeper's Lien
Chapter 18: Molders' lien
Chapter 19: Liens on Vehicles and Conveyances
Chapter 20: Liens on Animals
Chapter 21: Recording and Enforcement of Liens
Chapter 22: Acknowledgment of Instruments
Chapter 23: Authentication of Instruments by Witnesses
Chapter 24: Registration of Instruments
Chapter 25: Release of Liens Created by Written Instruments
Chapter 26: Effect of Authentication and Registration
Chapter 27: Horizontal Property
Chapter 28: Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act
Chapter 29: Abandoned or Unclaimed Property
Chapter 30: Residential Ground Rent Act
Chapter 31: Self-service Storage Facility Act
Chapter 32: Time-Share Programs and Vacation Clubs
Chapter 33: Stratified Fee Estate [Repealed]
Chapter 34: Prompt Pay Act
Chapter 35: Rent Control
Chapter 36: Construction Defects