Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 66: Property

Chapter 7: Leases

66-07-0101: Writing required for long term leases -- Authentication and registration.
66-07-0102: Effect of injury to buildings.
66-07-0103: Maximum term of oil and gas leases.
66-07-0104: Physically disabled persons' access to housing accommodations.
66-07-0105: Adult bookstores and movie houses -- Leases unenforceable.
66-07-0106: Leasing to blind persons.
66-07-0107: Termination for knowing controlled substance or prostitution violations.
66-07-0108: Commercial lease disclosure statement -- Remedies for misrepresentation.
66-07-0109: Notice of termination by landlord.
66-07-0110: Rental termination rights for the physically disabled.