Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 70: Wildlife Resources

Chapter 2: Licenses and Permits

Part 1: General Provisions

70-02-0101: Taking wildlife without license -- Migratory waterfowl stamps -- Licenses nontransferable -- Revocation or suspension -- Penalties.
70-02-0102: Licensing requirement -- Penalty.
70-02-0103: Exception to licensing requirement -- Military personnel on furlough.
70-02-0104: Persons entitled to license without fee or at reduced fee -- Penalty for false information -- Imposition of fee.
70-02-0105: Preparation and distribution of license forms to county clerk or other agent -- Maintenance and remittance of funds.
70-02-0106: Agents for issuance and sale of licenses, permits, stamps, tags, or privileges -- Bond -- Fees of items -- Fees of agents -- Conservation stamps.
70-02-0107: Date of issuance of license or permit -- Duration -- Penalty for violations.
70-02-0108: Hunter education course.
70-02-0109: Free Sport Fishing Day.
70-02-0110: Free hunting day for disabled persons.