Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 70: Wildlife Resources

Chapter 7: Liability for Activities

Part 1: General Provisions

TCA 70-7-103: Effect of landowner's permission.

Any landowner, lessee, occupant, or any person in control of the land or premises or such person's agent who gives permission to another person to hunt, fish, trap, camp, engage in water sports, participate in white water rafting or canoeing, hike, sightsee, ride animals, bird watch, train dogs, boat, cave, pick fruit and vegetables for the participant's own benefit, engage in nature and historical studies and research, climb rocks, shoot skeet and trap, engage in sporting clays, shooting sports, and target shooting, including archery and shooting range activities, ski, ride off-road vehicles, recreational noncommercial aircraft operations or recreational noncommercial ultra light vehicle operations on private airstrips, and cut and remove wood for the participant's own use upon such land or premises does not by giving such permission:

(1) Extend any assurance that the premises are safe for such purpose;

(2) Constitute the person to whom permission has been granted to legal status of an invitee to whom a duty of care is owed; or

(3) Assume responsibility for or incur liability for any injury to such person or purposely caused by any act of such person to whom permission has been granted except as provided in § 70-7-104.

History: Acts 1963, ch. 177, § 4; T.C.A., § 51-804; Acts 1987, ch. 448, § 3; 2010, ch. 968, § 2; 2015, ch. 53, § 2.