Tennessee Code Annotated

Title 71: Welfare

Chapter 2: Programs and Services for Elderly Persons

Part 1: Commission on Aging and Disability

TCA 71-2-107: Executive director.

(a)  The executive director shall be the chief administrative officer of the commission and, pursuant to § 71-2-105, shall serve at the pleasure of the commission. The director shall be a full-time employee of the commission and shall have such education as deemed necessary by the commission, with a minimum of five (5) years' experience in the fields of aging or disability, or administrative experience as necessary to administer the programs under this part. The executive director shall have the authority to conduct ordinary and necessary business in the name of the commission in accordance with the provisions of this part or as determined by the commission.

(b)  The executive director shall:

     (1)  Be available to serve or be represented on state level committees or bodies where the purpose of that state body or committee is concerned with the general health, education or welfare of the citizens of Tennessee when older persons or disabled adults are affected by the decisions of that body;

     (2)  Develop, as required under the provisions of the Older Americans Act, a plan for state programs, services and activities for older persons, to be updated periodically;

     (3)  Supervise the expenditure of funds and be responsible for complying with all applicable provisions of state and federal law in the receipt of and disbursement of funds;

     (4)  Serve as an advocate within government and in the community for older persons and disabled adults in Tennessee;

     (5)  Recommend to the commission such rules as are necessary and appropriate to carry out the purposes of this part;

     (6)  Employ or contract for the services of experts and technical consultants as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of this part;

     (7)  Conduct evaluations and prepare reports in accordance with the terms of the Older Americans Act and other state and federal laws;

     (8)  Within the limits of appropriated funds, employ such personnel as may be required to carry out the provisions of this part. The executive director shall appoint and may remove all such personnel in accordance with the civil service system; and

     (9)  Provide staff support to the commission.

History: [Acts 1981, ch. 428, § 8; 1982 ch. 834, § 8; 1984, ch. 943, § 5; T.C.A., § 14-6-107; Acts 2001, ch. 397, § 8.]